Pair #11: "It's Halloween!"

Original Post Date: October 27, 2010
Runtime: 4:07
Genre: Pop/Hip-Hop/Reggae/Holiday
Compilation Album: Corduroys, with Tassles

Prompt Summary: [Paid Song] write an "Andrew-esque" Halloween song to fill the void of good Halloween songs

As far as titles that are more than a little on the nose…. I present to you, "It's Halloween!" Because it is. Or it will be a few hours after when I am writing this. Or maybe you're reading this in the future…? Gah, time is wibbly-wobbly nonsense.

Given that this song is the result of a paid commission, Andrew went all out with this song, and it shows. It's a fun celebration of everything that makes Halloween what it is today, from the costumes and characters to the candy and spoops. And it's all packaged in a catchy, upbeat pop/rap song.

"It's Halloween!" comes from late into Songs to Wear Pants To's life cycle, released about two weeks before "PFUDOR," and while a smaller percentage of songs at that point were rap songs, this one is a clear demonstration that Andrew's rhyme-spittin' skillz had not atrophied a bit and, in fact, had bulked up.

This song features cultural references galore, namedropping superheroes, sidekicks, supporting characters, and more. Perhaps the only reference that's dated is also the funniest in retrospect: "Swine Flu Guy," a reference to the H1N1 pandemic that was winding down at the time. (Remember when global pandemics only lasted a year and then went away? Good times.) Andrew's nerd character also makes a special appearance starting from the bridge, after a flawless transition.

But the worst/best part of the song is its extremely catchy chorus that is properly stuck in my head as I type this. You've been warned. Fuahahahahahahaaaaaa!

Suck it, "Monster Mash," "Thriller." This should be the most iconic Halloween anthem.* Yeah, I went there.

*Also, petition to make "Shoot the Zombies" another Halloween anthem. (If I'm still doing this blog in a year, that's next year's Halloween song. If I don't cover it before then. Must…resist…)

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