Pair #8: "Department Store vs. Predator"

Original Post Date: December 15, 2004
Runtime: 0:45
Genres: Ska
Compilation Album: Blue Pants

Prompt Summary: [Paid Song] write a ska/rock song about a girl named Myssy [sic] who wears Predator armor and hunts humans in a department store, complete with gory imagery but also lighthearted

I just saw the original Alien movie for the first time over the weekend, so…here's a song about Predators, I guess!*

Andrew stayed true to the requester's wishes: the narrative in this song is very gory. What makes the song absolutely hilarious (in a very twisted sort of way) is that, musically, it's an upbeat ska track. As Andrew lists off each horrific act of violence committed by Myssy, the titular Predator, he does so in a cheerful, almost matter-of-fact way. It's a combination straight out of Happy Tree Friends.

Yeah, I think that just about covers it. Uh, content warning for graphic, violent imagery. In case you couldn't tell.

*Yes, I know: obviously, they're two different franchises. And yes, I know there was a crossover. No, I don't care. :D

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