Pair #6: "Reverse Escargot"

Original Post Date: July 3, 2005
Runtime: 1:02
Genres: Pop/Electronic/Hip-Hop
Compilation Album: Pink Pants

Prompt Summary: write a song about snails who eat people

There's Weird, and then there's STWPT Weird. And it's not even necessarily Andrew's fault; sometimes the prompts that fans sent him inevitably led to some really weird music.

Enter "Reverse Escargot," an electronic pop song that's genuinely about what happened "when the snails came" and started eating people. As far as titles go, this one's pretty on the nose. Is it perfect? Yes. Yes, it is.

Another one of Andrew's personal favorite Songs to Wear Pants To, this one is incredibly catchy, thanks in large part to its repeated middle section. (I hesitate to call it a refrain because it's only repeated once, after itself.) The opening features Andrew tossing out some pretty cool rhymes, and the last section is a rap* that doesn't take itself seriously and then falls apart completely in a burst of unprompted defensiveness. Very good content.

Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

*The rap contains descriptions of what exactly happens when someone is eaten by a giant snail, so if you're squeamish about snail sustenance, peace out.

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