Pair #4: "Celtic Techno Burrito"

"CELTIC TECHNO BURRITO" (Extended Version)
Original Post Date: April 16, 2004 (Extended: October 26, 2004)
Runtime: 0:42 (Extended: 4:01)
Genres: Celtic/Techno
Compilation Album: Green Pants 

Prompt Summary: write a song about a man who's intimidated by the size of the burrito he just ordered, and the style should be Celtic techno, "or any other blend of two genres that would not be caught eating a burrito together"

Probably one of the most legendary Songs to Wear Pants To for a whole slew of reasons, all of them good, "Celtic Techno Burrito" is a meeting of two genres who could only ever blend successfully in a Song to Wear Pants To. Much like the title suggests, the song is an unholy mixture of traditional Celtic and modern techno music. Topping it all off is the repeated line, "Intimidated by the size of my burrito."

The original 42-second version may sound familiar to anyone who frequented the Flash portal Newgrounds in the late aughts; it was one of the tracks used as the basis for an animated short in the collaborative project Shorts to Wear Pants To (link also in the Navi bar on this blog). If that short was accurate, then the size of that burrito is, indeed, quite intimidating.

Besides the lyric, the first thing you'll notice, after the fade-in, is the instrumental hook: a blend of Celtic flute and acoustic guitar, backed by a heavy but driving techno beat. It will probably put you off at first because you have likely never heard these sounds together. Also, the words are about a giant burrito. As you adjust to the sound, you might start rocking out, as you realize that this is the blend of genres that you've been waiting for your whole life without realizing it.

About 6.5 months after posting the original version, Andrew posted an extended version that's about six times as long. This came about after someone paid him to extend either this song or the whimsical "Skamurai."* Obviously, Andrew chose "Celtic Techno Burrito." The extended version is identical at first, but it continues from where the original cut leaves off. There's no real transition into the new part of the song, as the original cut ends abruptly, but the new stuff starts with a short flute solo that leads to another beat drop, which works surprisingly well. Andrew also has a lot of fun with his "Intimidated by the size…" sample, working it over the music in increasingly wacky fashion, culminating in a satisfying climax.

Embedded below is the Extended Version, as the first 40 seconds or so are just the original cut, anyway.


*Still holding out for an extended version of "Skamurai." I want to learn more about the samurai flying on the back of a giant eagle, or at least I want to hear more of that line set to music.

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