Pair #22: "Bossa Bye Baby"

Original Post Date: March 28, 2005
Runtime: 2:19
Genres: Bossa Nova/Lullaby
Compilation Album: Blue Pants

Prompt Summary: [Paid Song] a bossa nova lullaby that is "slowish" but carried by a bossa nova rhythm and lyrics ; list of things to be mentioned in lyrics is provided

Remember "Celtic Techno Burrito"? That was a meeting of two genres that probably should never have met, even if the end result was super catchy and fun. Well, I'm here to present another Song to Wear Pants To that is a meeting of two genres that never come together anywhere else: bossa nova and lullaby.

Bossa nova rhythms are always fun, but how could anyone possibly take such lively, swingy music and mold it into something for putting babies to sleep? The answer? *shrug* "Bossa Bye Baby" probably won't be putting any babies to sleep, but they'll probably still get a kick out of it, as will you.

Lyrically, this song is both extremely sweet and subtly odd. There's no explanation provided, but the original prompt includes a list of seemingly random things that Andrew should include in the song. (Click the song title at the top of the post to see the list on the original site.) I actually appreciate the lack of context for this list, as it makes the request more mysterious and also leaves open the possibility that the requester was just very drunk and/or high* when they paid Andrew to make this song.

Musically, this song is a typical bossa nova. The lullaby isn't in the music, hence why this probably won't work so well for bedtime, but rather it is in the lyrics' being about a baby. One could argue that Andrew's use of falsetto makes it more lullaby-like, but…okay, I just disproved my point. Meanwhile, the refrain is a hecka good hook, and it makes this song, like many other Songs to Wear Pants To, unbelievably catchy. (No surprise: it's stuck in my head right now.)

Not quite the ear-tingling weirdness of "Celtic Techno Burrito," but still an interesting combination of genres!

*I have to imagine that at least ten percent of the requesters throughout STWPT's lifespan were cognitively impaired because otherwise that means that there are a lot of strange people in the world. What? There are? And I'm one of them? Oh, okay, that explains soooo much! Thanks for clearing that up!

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