Pair #21: "Angry Ring Tone"

Original Post Date: October 25, 2010
Runtime: 0:13
Genre: Novelty/A Cappella
Compilation Album: Corduroys, with Tassles

Prompt Summary: a ringtone that gets progressively angrier before giving up and admitting that voicemails are better than live phone calls, anyway

…And now back to the shenanigans!

"Angry Ring Tone" is exactly what it sounds like: an angry ringtone. Wow, never saw that coming.

This non-song was requested by someone who wanted to hear Andrew's talents while on the go. Bear in mind that this was around 2010, so MP3 players had been around for about a decade; even the iPhone had been out for a few years. I definitely had some free STWPT tracks on my iPod by then,* and I listened to Andrew while on the go. We didn't need a ringtone for this.

Aaaaaanyway, now that that's off my chest, let's discuss the ringtone. It's purely a cappella, meaning there are no instrumentals. Instead, we get a nice three-part harmony of Andrew singing the word, "rinnnnng," a few times. Each time, true to the prompt, the performance gets a little more aggressive and demanding, getting quite loud by the end. Then we get Andrew talking to us in one last-ditch attempt to get us to answer the call before conceding that leaving a voicemail is easier than actually talking on the phone, a sentiment that very much lives on today. (Actually, the saying is, "texting is easier than talking," but that wouldn't have fit as well in a ringtone.)

That's about it. It's short and not-so-sweet. Funny, though! If I liked ringtones, I'd totally use this one. But I'll stick to my vibrate-only mode.

*At that point, I still hadn't heard much Songs to Wear Pants To, but my brother had shown me Shorts to Wear Pants To, and I'd since downloaded all of the songs featured in that collab that I could download for free. Some were $0.99, though, and I had no way of making Internet payments yet. Wow, that takes me back…

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